Accredited Member of SA Olive Association


As an accredited member of the SA Olive Association, Riverbend complies with and operates to their prescribed international standards of excellence and displays the CTC seal on our products.

SA Olive is committed to supporting a healthy future, healthy growth and development for the industry and a healthy lifestyle for all South Africans.

For the consumer, this Commitment to Compliance seal means the following

  • The producer confirms that the content is 100% South African.
  • The year of harvest will be prominently displayed, indicating the freshness of the oil.
  • The producer is committed to the standards set in the SA Olive Codes of Practice, which are based on international quality standards.
  • Honest and transparent labelling – if the label states that the content is Extra Virgin, the producer verifies that the content is in fact Extra Virgin and not Virgin, or a refined olive oil.