May 202013

Magazine article featuring Trevor and Kathleen in the Women and Home Magazine.

A retirement hobby for Trevor and Kathleen Brodrick led to a vibrant business making olive oil and olive products in the beautiful Breede River valley far from the corporate world.

“We loved the serene setting and thrived on the challenge of farming along the river banks of what was thought of as useless farming land. We built a log home and turned waste land into an orderly olive farm and an oil processing factory.” Trevor says.
The Breede River runs through the farms: their home is on the western side of the river while the boutique factory is on the eastern side. “With our house and factory on either side of the river, it can be an exciting challenge to cross the water to go to work in the winter when the river is in flood.”

Trevor’s love for olive farming stems from the fact that the trees are beautiful; their fruit is health giving and the trees reward you well when they are cared for. ” “Our boutique oil is of a very high quality, and we have received top awards from the SA Olive Association for it.”



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