Apr 012013

The olive tree adapts to almost any environment, thriving in most soils and even sometimes living for more than a thousand years, making it one of the most robust trees.  In Greek mythology, Zeus pronounced Athena the victor in a competition because it was she who had bestowed upon mankind the most useful plant of all: the olive tree.

The olive tree has been seen throughout history as a symbol of peace and victory, arousing feelings of health and vitality.

Olive harvesting on the Easter weekend turned into a family affair.

As family, we don’t get paid; the reward is the joy of being in nature, having some fun and eventually rewarded with a delicious lunch and bottle of wine.

It’s a fact that the quality of the oil decreases with the increase of mechanization and electric tools because the more gently the olives are treated the better the resulting oil. The high quality oils normally are obtained by hand picking the olives directly into a basket.

The weather at the time of harvest is of great importance, and experienced farmers know when it’s the right moment to start – before the wet, cold days of autumn set in.

With your hands – you slide the olives gently down the branch, and allow them to drop in your basket below. Both the green and the black are harvested; a mix of the two makes for the most flavourful extra virgin olive oil. The day’s work progresses amidst chatting, jokes, friendly rivalry and the pleasant sound of olives plopping onto the basket below in a soft rain of purple, black, yellow and green.


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