Everyday Hamper with Olive oil & table olives


The Riverbend Everyday Hamper contains a  500ml glass bottle of Extra Virgin Olive oil + 425g jar black table olive + 425g jar green table olives – all packaged in a specially made box.

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This Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been produced for your pleasure on a boutique olive farm nestled at the base of the Roodeberg Mountain along the banks of the Breede River.

This extra virgin olive oil is blended from varieties grown on the farm: Mission, Frantoio and Manzanilla, to ensure the taster an exquisite organoleptic experience. The Olive Mill is situated in the middle of the olive grove on Riverbend Farm. This facilitates processing the olives within 12 hours of picking. In this way we are assured that no defects occur from bad handling or bad storage.

All bottles or tins bear the Commitment to Compliance seal meaning the following:

  • The producer confirms that the content is 100% South African. CTC Seal 2015 Web
  • The year of harvest will be prominently displayed, indicating the freshness of the oil.
  • The producer is committed to the standards set in the SA Olive Codes of Practice, which are based on international quality standards.
  • Honest and transparent labelling – if the label states that the content is Extra Virgin, the producer verifies that the content is in fact Extra Virgin and not Virgin, or a refined olive oil.
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