Jan 012012
  1. It tastes great! – Some don’t like the taste of olive oil as it can be bitter. Don’t rule it out too soon, try olive oil varieties until you find one you prefer. Mission olives produce a mild fruity delicate oil whereas Frantoio creates a peppery strong oil. Riverbend blends the varieties after they have been crushed separately to produce a full-bodied, balanced oil pleasing to nose and palette.
  2. Lowers bad cholesterol – Extra virgin olive oil contains a high content of polyphenols which is a powerful antioxidant. The mono unsaturated fat contributes to lowering your bad cholesterol. Arteries clogged by too much cholesterol and saturated fats have become associated with the Alzheimers disease.  Replace your other fats with Riverbend extra virgin olive oil.
  3. Contains Vitamins – Extra virgin olive oil has a high nutritional value with Vitamins A, K, E and polyphenols, squalene, oleocanthol, triterpenes and lots more micronutrients. Choose extra virgin olive oil to increase your health.
  4. Reduces chances of Cancer – University of Oxford researchers have conducted tests which resulted in reports that diets rich in olive oil can be just as  effective in the prevention of colon cancer as fresh fruit and veggies. It has also shown that frequent olive oil use resulted in reduced incidences of colon, skin and breast cancers.
  5. Its Natural – Extra virgin olive oil is extracted mechanically from the olive fruit with no heat or chemicals used in the extraction process. Its natural fruit juice!
  6. Olive oil is not hydrogenated oil – hydrogenation produces dangerous trans-fats. These are mainly found in margarine and other packaged foods.
  7. Lowers blood pressure – extra virgin olive oil assists in lowering blood pressure when regularly consumed.
  8. Lowers chance of gallstones – the secretion of bile and pancreatic hormones  are stimulated by extra virgin olive oil. This lowers your chances of gallstones.
  9. Keeps your arteries supple – Oleic acid (omega 9) makes up over 50% of the fatty acids in olive oil when keeps your arteries supple and assists to prevent cancer.
  10. Great moisturiser! – a few tablespoons of olive oil added to your bath will do wonders for your skin.

There are loads more olive oil benefits and uses. It’s great for skin and hair care , used in natural remedies, and is a more versatile cooking oil than you may think. Keep visiting for updated posts on how olive oil can be used to increase your health as well as help you out around your home.

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