Olive Oil


This Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been produced for your pleasure on a boutique olive farm nestled at the base of the Roodeberg Mountain along the banks of the Breede River. The olives are picked by hand at optimum ripeness and cold extracted on the farm to produce a smooth extra virgin olive oil.

Aroma – Fruity with green grass and nutty notes.
Taste – A balanced nutty oil, with hints of fresh herbs, almonds and artichoke.

Raw Olive oil from the press

Raw Olive oil from the press

We produce single varietal Extra virgin olive oil as well as a well balanced blend from varieties grown on the farm: Mission, Frantoio and Manzanilla.

Use this oil to enhance your eating enjoyment and to increase your intake of monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, all of which naturally occur in the olive fruit. Also use the oil, as did the ancient Romans and Greeks, to promote suppleness of the skin and soothe the burning and drying effects of the sun.


Riverbend Olive Oil is available in the following quantities:
1 litre
5 litres
20 litres

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