Jul 012012

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Extra virgin olive oil is the most commonly used oil. The oil is directly extracted “cold pressed” from the olive fruit in ways to preserve the natural taste.  There are no chemical treatments as extra virgin olive oil is produced naturally.

Pure Olive Oil
Pure olive oil is a blend of extra virgin or virgin olive oil and other refined olive oils. The refining process creates a better flavour and is mainly used for olive oil of poor quality.

The Health Factor in Olive Oil
Extra virgin olive oil aids in keeping the body’s heart healthy and regulating cholesterol levels. Olive oil’s high monounsaturated fat content makes it healthy oil, even though it is considered a fat.

Olive oil forms part of the food pyramid used in the Mediterranean Diet.  The record for the world’s longest lifespan was held by a woman in France who swore by the olive oil’s benefits and used it daily on her skin and in her diet.

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