Oct 082012

A few weeks ago, we were approached by 5 Ounces who wished to feature our divine olives and extra virgin olive oil on their website which offers exclusive deals on the world’s finest wines & gourmet selections.

Our feature went live today! Dont miss this special offer to purchase a gift hamper for your friends or family and have it delivered to your door ~ the perfect Birthday or Christmas gift!

Author & 5 Ounces gourmet reviewer Bridget McNulty had the following to say about Riverbend olives & extra virgin olive oil;

” As far as I’m concerned, olive oil is a daily necessity. It’s the most versatile of oils: cook with it, eat it drizzled on salad or dip fresh crusty bread into it – you just can’t beat a good olive oil. But it has to be a good olive oil. One, for example, that has been produced on a boutique olive farm nestled at the base of the Roodeberg Mountain along the banks of the Breede River.

This is where River Bend Olives picks their olives (by hand, at optimum ripeness) and then either cold extracts them to produce a smooth extra virgin olive oil, or bottles them to eat as both black and green olives. River Bend won double gold at the 2011 SA Olive Awards and two silver awards in 2012 so you can be assured that these really are the crème de la crème of olives.

What makes River Bend extra virgin olive oil so special – apart from the fact that it is an award-winning, finest grade, cold-extracted olive oil that is grown, pressed and bottled in the Breede River Valley in Robertson, is that it’s a blend of three kinds of olives grown on the farm: Leccino, Frantoio and Mission. This makes the oil deliciously balanced, with a nutty flavour and a fruity green hint of freshness.

The black olives are full flavoured but not too sharp, the green olives are fleshy and juicy, and both seem to be soaked in the flavours of the Mediterranean – these are really special olives. As an added bonus, this deal also includes olive soap, a rare treat.

Olive oil was used by the ancient Romans and Greeks to keep their skin smooth and supple, but River Bend have done all the hard work for you, giving you an olive soap bar as part of this fabulous gift hamper, and saving you the trouble of putting their delicious olive oil directly on to your skin! ”

— Bridget McNulty


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