Jun 282012

  1. DIY Lip balm ~ Get beautiful lips by mixing olive oil and melted beeswax. Decide on your container size and mix 50/50, adding fragrance by mixing in your favourite essential oil.
  2. Care for your hands ~ Olive oil moisturises your cuticles wonderfully! Soak your hands before a manicure with olive oil with water.
  3. Control unruly hair ~ In the cold and dry winter weather, frizzy hair and fly-aways can be a daily nuisance! Use a drop of olive oil and comb through your hair. Leaves your hair manageable, shiny and silky!
  4. In the bath ~ Add a few drops of olive oil while you are running your bath and then take a long soak! Your skin will look and feel beautifully moisturised.
  5. Exfoliate ~ Rub olive oil on your skin and then scrub your body with sugar or coarse salt.
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