May 012012

In 1996 when the first Mission olives were cured at Riverbend farm, novice farmers Trevor and Kathleen were surprised to find that some of the olives soaked in brine lost more colour than others and were quite pale looking. These olives were firmer than the black but tasted just as nice.

Some customers took one look and decided that they didn’t want “those white ones”. It was then decided to separate them and bottle them on their own. What to call these delicious firm pale olives?

Why, Jacksons of course after a famous music idol who started his life off black and became paler after each body beautifying operation.

In actual fact the Jacksons are the slightly less ripe Missions picked at harvest time. It is impossible to know at harvest how ripe the olives are as they all look the same intense bluely black colour after a certain stage of maturity.

So now you know – Jackson olives were named at Riverbend farm.

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